Data-driven Approach
To Coffee Excellence

We want you to take as much pride in your coffee as we do. That’s why we’ve created COFFEEWORKS – a unique and simple data-driven approach to coffee excellence. Its sole purpose is to ensure you are creating consistently great coffee, and servings lots of it.

Watch the COFFEEWORKS trailer and take a look at its key features.


COFFEEWORKS is an 8-point approach that helps delivers all key aspects of a successful coffee offer. The unique programme has been developed to make consistency easy, whilst embedding and maintaining coffee standards across single or multiple sites. With our fully comprehensive training and resources tailored specifically to you and your business, we’ll ensure you have all the tools to serve exceptional and consistent coffee, cup after cup.


Agree critical foundation brand standards

We work with you to create coffee standards for your business – the three golden rules. This forms the foundation of our partnership and coffee excellence across your business.

CoffeeWorks three golden rules

Keep your coffee fresh
Keep your milk cold and fresh
Keep your machine clean

Difficulties with coffee machines, coffee quality and issues with inconsistency are almost always linked to one of the three golden rules.

Watch our video on how these affect coffee availability and keep you serving exceptional coffee.


Manager critique

Coffee delivery is complex, but it doesn’t need to be. We make it accessible by splitting it into easy to understand areas.

With our Manager Critique we teach managers what to expect from their baristas, not how to make coffee. All with a commercial, efficiency and quality-based mindset. Making it easy to eliminate bad habits and improve consistency.

Areas covered include:

Great espresso
Perfect milk
Routines and efficiencies
Cleaning your equipment


Training on-site & off-site

We deliver a range of objective, practical courses around you either at your site, through e-learning, or at our Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) accredited COFFEEWORKS Training Suite, all designed with a commercial mindset.

We lead the industry with our facilities – from the most technical and scientific to an ideal environment to roll the sleeves up and truly master the craft of a barista.


Our SCA Accredited Premier Campus in Milton Keynes includes:

  • Practical training area
  • Sensory, roasting and traditional equipment
  • Classroom and study area
  • Live video and Skype training


Reinforcement tools

We recognise that not all baristas learn at the same pace or in the same way. So, we offer a unique suite of learning tools to suit everyone in your team.

We provide quick and easy access to resources including our face-to face training, cleaning and troubleshooting e-guides, and video series.


The coffee excellence check (CEC)

Our Coffee Excellence check is an efficient and effective means of capturing coffee performance at site on every visit. Using our COFFEEWORKS mobile app, our team capture information on the five key areas of coffee excellence, without disrupting your service.

This generates a true reflection of coffee performance and identifies areas for us to improve together.


Coffee profit calculator

Our Coffee Profit Calculator helps you to recognise your full commercial potential.

By tracking efficiencies, service areas, storage logics and the positives of a consistent method of coffee preparation across the team, you can increase profit from coffee.

Our calculator uses diagnostics to calculate the overall sales opportunity linked to workflow efficiency and speed of service. We work with you to implement these changes in your coffee service.


Spot training

Using data from our assessments and coffee excellence checks, we identify the key areas of impact and deliver short, sharp training on the spot.

Spot training complements our range of longer practical training, held in our Milton Keynes training suite.


Dashboard analysis

We give you full visibility of coffee performance in your individual sites and across your entire estate. We strategically tailor our support and training logics to reflect your true needs for continuing to improve and grow successfully.

Our dashboard analysis gives you access to data collected by our Coffee Excellence Checks. We present this back to you and work to either maintain or improve together.

Analysis includes:

Month by month reporting
Top and bottom performance
Site and full estate data
Link to service statistics for coffee availability

The CoffeeWorks Courses

Practical, hands on courses all delivered
by our team of SCA trained coffee experts.

Becoming a Barista

Exceptional coffee isn't difficult. By establishing the right habits and avoiding simple mistakes, you can demystify the world of coffee and be confident you're serving the best.

Journey Through Coffee

The right knowledge helps you perform at your very best. From origins and types through to decaf and roasting, discover everything you should know about coffee.

Manager Critique

From smart routines to recognising good technique, learn how to get the best from your team and ensure consistent quality when the pressure is on.

Speciality Coffee Association Accreditation

Your COFFEEWORKS team is qualified to deliver SCA Foundation, Intermediate or Professional diploma courses for baristas.


CoffeeWorks TV Series

We have a range of videos available to help you deliver coffee excellence. Ranging from how to pick the right machine for your business to dispelling common coffee machine myths.